Who I Am

My name is Jason Sandeman and I am a chef. I read about food, think about food, cook food, and of course, eat food.

I am opinionated and controversial, and that is my way of expressing my passion for foods and traditions.

The Sugary-Sweet Elephant In The Room

At 5’7″, I weighed 230+ lbs at my worst. Around August 2009, I started losing weight effortlessly. I chalked it up to my new-found regime: drinking LOTs and LOTs of water.

On March 4th 2010, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I later found out that it was LADA, a variant of type 1 diabetes. I had let my health get to the point where I needed to go onto insulin therapy to get my numbers under control.

I was stuck with these questions: What do I do now? How does eating affect my blood sugar? What should I eat? What can’t I eat?

What’s My Point?

You can read about what I am doing to control my weight, diabetes, and health – available to anyone who will listen.

I have no credentials, but I genuinely think that our health problems are directly connected to how and what we eat. I will show you how I think you can take back the control over your health by returning to the kitchen, and preparing the foods that our ancestors used to heal.

I Believe It’s Really Up to Us First.

This blog is for those people who believe that by eating a diet of traditional foods that are low in carbohydrates, exercising intelligently, and controlling blood sugars will lead to excellent health.

I believe that a pill or operation should be the last resort. See if nutrition and exercise can’t help you first.

Do You Have a Question?

Do you have a question for me? You can contact me at my Ask Me! page, or find me on TwitterTuDiabetes, or DLife.

Of course, the best way to ask a question is to comment on a post. Did you like the post,or hate it? Let me know.

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