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Photo of what your chimney should look like
What’s Jason burning today?:

Today I teach you how to light charcoal using a chimney starter. I’m serious. Stop laughing!

FIRE! Let’s burn some stuff!

A photo of charcoal just when it is ready to pour
What’s Jason yappin’ about today?:

This summer we’re going to focus on seasonal food, mmainly barbecue. We’ll also play with frozen treats.

So what’s the obsession? RAFO


Start Here – I’m Still Learning Too!

What’s Jason Yapping About?:I’ve been doing this a long time. I can teach you, but I am still learning too. Let’s learn together.

See what Jason is Blabbing about!


Cookbooks and Textbooks Reviews You’ll Care About

A shot of one of my bookshelves full of cookbooks
What’s Jason Yapping About?: I tell you what kinds of cookbooks and textbooks we review here, and why you would use them – even though you might think they don’t apply to you.

Jump to me trying to explain the madness here.


You’re Crazy to Want Me As Your Cooking Mentor

What’s Jason Yapping About?: I haven’t written in awhile, but I am still around. I am still passionate about food and cooking. If you are looking for a MENTOR, a person who wants me to teach you HOW to cook, and WHY we do things “this way” in the culinary field, this blog is for you.

Continue below, if you can handle the madness…


Banana Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins

a beautiful photo of a banana chocolate chunk muffin
What’s Jason’s super-secret recipe today?

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Who Reads This?

Home made hamburgers with lettuce and cheese
What’s Jason Yapping About?: I’ve been digging in the back end of this site, and there’s a lot here. I am still around, still active in the community, just have neglected to write here.

If you are a person who wants to know HOW to cook, and WHY we do it this way in the culinary field, this blog is for you.

See what’s up inside!

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A Look Back At the Year 2015

Happy New Year

I was thinking about the year past, and how I was going to audit it. (I heard a great podcast over at ProBlogger on auditing the past year… check it out if you like.)

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a photo of carrot ginger with mandarin orange soup and a touch of maple
What’s Jason’s Super Secret Recipe today?: Carrot Ginger soup with Mandarine Orange. We explore why having a signature soup is important, the thought process behind making a soup combinations using the The Flavor Bible (and the new The Vegetarian Flavor Bible), and how to refine the idea.

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Merry Christmas


A quick note for all of you. Have a merry Christmas, and I hope that all your food is great!


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