Back to Basics With Battlefield 1

I’ve tried to get better at FPS games in the past. I’ve played the shit out of them. Why hasn’t it worked? 

Why haven’t I improved?

I’d have to say a lack of consistency, and time to play those games. Some players have been doing this for eons. Me? Not so much.

This is what generally greets me every time I play. 

I have an XBOX One and a Computer with a whole bunch of FPS style games that I can learn to play, but I think that by far the most fun so far are the Battlefront and Battlefield games. Star Wars is the shit. So are the WW1 and WW2 games.

Don’t get me wrong, I also love GTAV, Fallout 4, Skyrim and such. I just have to put those in the sideline for now. I had a chance to play in the Battlefield V open beta this past weekend, and it was AWESOME.

Here is my Mixer stream for maximum suckitude. Once I get things better figured out, I’ll throw them up on the YouTube for a good record of how well I am progressing.

Further from my “success” in the beta play (woo hoo! I killed 5 guys in 3 ½ hrs of play!!!) I decided it would be a good idea to sit down and finally play Battlefield 1, playing through campaign mode to get better, then play in the multiplayer mode (to get better.) 

Unfortunately the Gaming Beast(™) that we built is on the fritz. The stupid motherboard ins. Well, at least I know that it’s the cheap motherboards sold for 89$ that are the problem. Will it cost me more to send it to get fixed or is there a chance that Canada computers will fix it?

So the question is : Do you have them replace the mobo, or be more “purist” and do it yourself? Will it cost less to just have Canada computers fix it for me? These are all things I need to find out.

That means for now, until the mobo situation is fixed, it’ll have to be on XBOX One. The good news is that I already own the games there. The bad news is I’ll need to play them with the controller.

I have:

  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Battlefront 3
  • Battlefront 1
  • Battlefront 5 beta (expired.)

So, there is plenty of opportunities to learn how to play this game so I can actually enjoy Battlefront V (when it finally comes out.)

I started my night off with playing role of Luca Vincenzo in the Campaign mode. (I think the campaign is to teach you how to play support. His job was to make sure that his brother got out alive from their mission. So, you take out all of the shit disturbers, and let them do their thing.)

The first part of the mission is pretty straight forward. I managed to not die all the way through, up to the part where you use an anti-aircraft gun to take out all the planes. I died a few times there, until I figured out that you are supposed to stay with planes, shoot them as they are coming to you. The main thing is to pay attention as the planes are coming by using the mini map, and then planning how you are going to take them out.

It took me three tries until I got it right. Then they flew off and bombed the side of the mountain, causing a landslide. WTF?

Once the cut scene hit, Luca dropped his armor (WHY?? That armor is BADASS! So is the gun!) and got himself a machine gun that isn’t too shabby. The next part was to hold off on an invasion of Germans.

I died quite a few times, but when I finally figured out that the objective was to defend the area, and take out the armored vehicles, that’s when things got easier. I still need to figure out how to aim and shoot though.

Tangent [6]

I find it weird when listening to a people on the squad using language like “homo” and “faggot.” I used to do the same thing when I was their age, and since came to know that it was not right to do that thing. So, how to deal with that shit?

Playing online

Today’s objective was to mostly try to follow whatever the objective is in the game. I managed to score a few kills I think (I’m currently waiting for my neocitran, as I have the mustering of cheese grater throat (which usually is my first clue that a viral super death punch us imminent.)) It is a considerable difference from playing the beta, if only because that beta would be fucked.

I watched a few videos to learn about this shit while writing.

After watching those…I actually learned a shit tonne. I want more!

I tried to implement the tips from the videos. I think it’s more about a learning curve here. I did feel a bit better about it, but I still died. All the fucking time.

The problem is the weapon I have sucks. The sights are not (suppressed? I don’t know what that means…more YouTube in my future I fear. This is a start on how to do it…

Except I was getting points for dropping ammo pouches. That I have never seen before.

I need to get better practice at

  • shooting. Fuck me, shooting
  • Aiming and actually hitting.
  • Finding a control sensitivity that will work for you.
  • Get some more kills

Left off the night with:

6 whole kills. That’s marginally better than the 5 kills I managed on the BETA.

Heh. At least I’m improving.

Right? 😉

Tangent alert! [4]

What if I take advantage of the google doc to actually write shit whilst on the go, or when I’m waiting?

I just thought of this situation where you’re “simmering” the idea and using the time between waiting to “cook” up what you’re going to say next. That way, when an idea pops up, I can pull out whatever has that document there, and write it in.

Plan of action for the next night.

General consensus on Reddit is that I should go to the smaller maps, and learn every inch of them, and try to get the weapon unlocks.

Should be a gooder.

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