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Battlefield 1: Weapon Assignments and (Not SUCKING Too Much) Practice

I installed the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass tonight to start off, because up until the 18th (I believe…) it’s FREE. Fucking rights I’m getting free DLC!

Anyway. Now it’s on to learn more about how to succeed in the game. Top Reddit comments in my question thread are:

  • Learn the maps
  • Learn to shoot
  • Do the weapons challenges

I decided to try and the weapons challenge in the Operations mode. I know that it’s not the “best” way to learn how to play the game, but it’s the way that I love the most, trial by fire!

Look at this map! We’re actually winning here!

Tangent [6]

I’m not a person who plays politics. I don’t give a shit about the sides of politics. Liberal, conservative…who cares? Do what’s right. It’s not that hard. 


Germany Defending against the French

Did the campaign where you have to defend as Germany. I stuck to the objective and managed to not suck, actually won three rounds and soundly defeated the French.

Who would have thunk that all you had to do was stick to the fucking objective, and you’ll actually win? 

Spamming the ammo pack also helped me out a lot. Sticking with the squad is absolutely essential too.

I started off trying to kill a bunch of shit, but eventually saw that if I were to avoid getting hit, help out my teammates, and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike, that I gained so many points. 

Sure, I managed to only kill 2 people in the game tonight, but here is where the good shit comes:

I died a lot of times, but this time I concentrated more on the objective. We managed to win 3 in a row, and therefore actually won it!

So, what I’ve learned tonight…

  • It’s super important to find a sweet spot with sensitivity, because you’ll need to be able to aim for fuck sakes.
  • Stay at range, and aim to kill.
  • Plan ahead on how you will get there.
  • Always be thinking about cover.
  • Fucking spam the ammo drop button. Your comrades need you.
  • Make sure to give orders.
  • I also need to figure out what the weapon assignment are all about.
  • What weapon should I save for next?

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