Fuck NYE Resolutions, Here’s My 2019 Goals

You know what I fucking hate? New Year’s resolutions.

Yes, I said it. Fuck right off with this “I’ll make a solemn promise so when it’s 00h00, Jan 1st, meet the NEW ME!

It never works for me!

Do I think resolutions have Staying power?

Hardly. I once read that the bulk of money made in the fitness industry comes at this time of year. At least, the first week ish?

Then either the heat of the new year wears off, something else shiny catches our attention, and we are stuck back where we were (or fucking worse!) than before.

Okay. So what?

I like setting goals.

I believe in setting goals. I set goals all the time. Usually when I’m “reflecting,” or all serious.

My problem ain’t setting goals.

My problem is a goal’s execution. I have pages of goals written out, all in various formats from scribbles in little notebooks, loose leaf paper, to the cloud applications such as iNote (or whatever Apple is calling it these days), Google Drive, you name it.

Is anything done? Would I need to continue writing goals if they were? I bet you can guess the answer to that.

Why is it after you start on your goal, everything else is always more shiny?

This year I thought I’d do it a bit differently. I pay for Web space (which I don’t use) and I have let my blog languish into utter blissful obscurity, therefore I thought it might make sense to actually force myself to post daily, and hold myself accountable to my goal setting.

After all, I certainly don’t want to be like an Albertan politician or Scheer talking shit about what’s being done, but nothing to add to the conversation, such as “Hey, perhaps we should do “this” instead.”

Okay. How’s this time different?

The idea is to come back once a week to write about what I accomplished in the goals I set, with an eye to do a monthly review, a quarterly review, and a yearly (end of year) review.

That way, I’ll be held accountable.

Or not.

I’m hoping that this will keep shiny enough to keep on doing it.

Good fun!

Okay, goal time!

I read that the best way to achieve a goal is to write (and act) as if it had already happened, and be full of gratitude for having done it. I’m sure that is 96% nonsense, but I figured there might be something to the past tense when writing goals, so, by the end of 2019, I will have:


Established a routine where I write, edit, and post something daily to my blog, whether it be a recipe, story, or anything else I’d like to share. This is an extension to the 500 word a day challenge.

Why? I’m a fucking writer, who doesn’t write. How fucked up is that? I want to be paid to do this shit, and I won’t get anywhere unless I actually write. Time to get that butt in the seat.


I learned a lot more about the vast domain of cooking, and passed that knowledge off to those who are interested. I’m particularly interested in open fire cooking, fermentation, and preserving fruit/vegetables.

Why? I want to rediscover the reason why I loved cooking in the first place. Passing the knowledge to others is also a bonus.


The front and the backyard are finally completely cleaned up, with the stones laid out, a garden planted, and the pool looks as good as new.  The back and front yards make good use of the space.

Why? Actually have a backyard, and a garden that I like, that produces some cool shit for us too. I’m tired of having a yard that looks like Cooter’s. You just never know what you’re gonna find.


Planted a garden that made the backyard look good, and gave us some cool shit too.

Why? There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty to make you appreciate where your food is coming from. Getting a grip on the gardening will also help with the food bill, and perhaps I can also make some gifts from the proceeds of that garden.  


Laid a new floor in the basement, plus fixed my creaky stairs. The whole house has a fresh new coat of paint.

Why? Who wants to live in a broken down house? Fuck that shit. Nothing worse than constantly looking at a broken part of your house, then having to think on that shit.


I came off the evening shift, and started working on the day shift.

Why? Family, family, family. I hardly see my son (or daughter) whilst working the evening shift. In order to get any time with my son, I lose sleep, which in turn affects my health. It’s like I’m fucked no matter what I do. Time to change that up, stat.


Lost weight, numbers are under control, and I am maintaining a healthy diet.

Why? Duh. Don’t you think I want to be around to see my son’s or daughter’s wedding? Fuck me, it’s not worth losing a leg over a fucking whole cake. I certainly need to get my shit together in regards to this.

French Language

I mastered writing in french, and tightened up my accent. I also converted half my site to french, so a Franco would be comfortable navigating/using my site.

Why? Ici au Québec, on parle francais, puis je pense que c’est une bonne idée de vivre en français aussi. If you can’t understand what I just wrote, take comfort in knowing that I knew less than that when I started down the rabbit hole thirteen years ago. .


I visited Alberta with my family for a good week or two, and saw all the fucking awesome sights there are to be there.

Why? Are you fucking kidding me? Why the fuck not? It has been a whole ten years since you were there.


I finally got one hundred subs, and a sponsorship for my gaming/social channel where people tune in to see my latest shenanigans.

Why? I’d like to believe that it’s possible to get yourself a good following, and get sponsored with a consistent commitment to the practice, and by being my fucking self. Someone once told me that I am fucking hilarious, and engaging. It’s hidden right now, and now is the time to fucking swing for the fences.

Your Turn

So, those are my goals. What are yours? Smash your response in the comments below!

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