Remember. IDGAF

IDGAF* – My Word of 2019.

The following is a non-paid presentation from the avian badass known as the IDGAF bird:

Remember. IDGAF

I spent the last couple months agonizing over whether I should attempt a promotion at work.

What if my colleagues don’t like the fact I applied…or of I were to get the job, dont like me anymore?

IDGAF* and apply.

What if I burned a yellow light, and the cop gave me a 172$ ticket? What the actual fuck? What a fucking bastard, right? Why would she do that?

You know what? IDGAF*, learn the lesson, move on.

You know how you’re worried about what people might think of you?

I’ve learned that it’s none of your business what people think of you. You can try to have them like you for you, or maybe they want something, whatever. The point is, you’ll never be able to control that, so?

Remember, IDGAF* for your next problem you have absolutely no control over,

IDGAF*. The power of that acronym will set you free to worry about the things you GAFA (eventual link to the GAFA post), right?

Don’t delay, remember IDGAF* today.

*Your results may vary. Think about what you do GAFA, and make a decision about IDGAF on a case-by-case basis. Blindly applying IDGAF is beyond stupid.

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