Poisson D’avril et Mes Penses

In other words, happy April Fool’s Day

Want to hear a great April fools joke? It has been around FOUR fucking months since I last wrote about eschewing resolutions, and setting goals.

So, how is this for the report card:

F is for failing friends


I can’t say that I haven’t written anything. I have written. A fair amount (but then again not the amount that I said I was going to do — 500 published words a day.)

The thing is, as usual, I got hung up on the minutiae. Sitting there thinking that maybe someone would critique what I wrote, or, gods above forbid, figure out that I am a complete loser, and have no business writing anything.

I guess that’s what writer’s block is? Perhaps. It feels like a cop out to me.

Instead, I have focused on something I don’t get a lot of time to do these days. Play games. In particular, computer games.

Nothing is more fun than sparking up one, or slapping back a couple, and losing yourself in a game, or a book. In the end, it’s all about the story. What is it that keeps a person entertained?

Some people like to watch movies, Netflix, Crave, cable. I like stories, whether they be from a book (admittedly I haven’t read very many novels lately) or from the confines of a game. After all, the only difference between a cable TV show and a game (to me) is the level of interactivity with the audience.


My health concerns me, as well the health of my family. I find that I have been beyond neglecting myself by eating shit like chips, ice cream, muffins (that may as well be fucking donuts because of how much fat/sugar they have in them.)

I find myself with a new big-ass belly that probably isn’t good for me with my santé problems with diabetes.

It’s time to cut right the fuck back on that shit, if not completely out altogether. I’ve been drinking, and my car has way, way too many wrappers (Evidence!) Ever have a car like that? Where you’re like, okay, there’s yesterday’s breakfast, the day before, lunch yesterday…Oh wow….Monday that was a burger…

Also, I believe that I have fallen well short on the fruits/vegetable spectrum.

I shall have to flip the switch on that, là là!

Today I took a insert, filled it half full with mesclun lettuce, a quarter cucumber, a vine ripened tomato, two smokies from Walmart (fuck off, don’t judge me, they were priced to sell, and I couldn’t pass them up. Besides, I love me a good smokie…I should learn to make them!) and an ounce of havarti cheese. For all of this, two FL oz yogurt-based Caesar dressing.

It was enough, with a 100g yogurt portion (a peu près). I didn’t feel all that hungry after, and I’m sure it wasn’t too unhealthy. Maybe I should use a leaner meat, but whatever..that’s at least three portions of vegetables right there.

That said, I did eat a half bag of chips after.

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