[MINDDUMP] Yeah, I’m a Sucker for Punishment, I Play a Hardcore Character in Expert Mode (Terraria PC)

Tell you what? If there was one thing I gotta say is hard as fuck in a video game, what do you think that would be?

YOLO, bitches. Exactly!

So, in the spirit of my favorite artiste of all time, I’ve decided that it would be fun to  play as SnoopD (insert numeral after to signify which version he is) in BakedGoodz, as a hardcore character roaming around in an Expert World.

For those who don’t know Terraria? What can I say? It’s a game where you start off in the Forest Biome, with a shitty copper sword, a copper axe, and a copper pickaxe, and you have to gather resources, build a base, all whilst fending off the local beasts… all before nightfall hits, because that’s when all the dead come out to play.  

As you can probably guess, it’s after a long day, something I like to play, because it’s a game where you can relax.

The problem is, a while back I thought it would be a great idea to play a Hardcore character whilst streaming. The problem is, I got to like playing the Hardcore YOLO character. Here’s a link to a reddit thread that I saw regarding this. *(I totally didn’t write that either, right? WINK WINK)

There’s a great comment in the reddit thread that reminded me that I’ve lost too many items from something stupid, like falling into a crevice, or set off a trap.

What I have done to mitigate the permadeth part? That shit is bound to happen. How do I mitigate that threat, so even if I lose everything, I’ll still somehow succeed in the challenge to make it better?

For example, I recently won the slime staff, (super OP), so I’ll leave it inside a chest (cause one doesn’t need to have it on them to cast the spell…it can always be cast from the chest at the base) and thinking about the inevitable death of SnoopD…perhaps it’s best that another character has the use of the staff.   

The weird part is that while I got hooked on the game in the so-called “softcore” mode, I can’t go back to the softcore version. It feels, too cheap, too easy. There’s an adrenaline rush you get when all you have is a shitty copper short sword, and you’re overwhelmed by two blue slimes, a green slime, Pinky is almost dead, but you’ve suddenly found yourself in the desert biome, and oh Shit!! Is that a vulture is circling overhead?

I’ve found that the Potion of Return is the key there. When the shit is too tight, you’re best to be looking for it, and hoping that you’re hopping into a good situation at your spawn point.


For me, I think it’s  a good time to mention that the spawn point at the very beginning is not an ideal place to build your base. Why? Well, if I die, then I respawn there.

What If there is an NPC who decides to leave the door open, (curse you you stupid guide! You’re a fuck tard for always opening the goddamn door at night!) then I’m going to appear knee-deep in the shit. No point in that, right?

“Expert” Terrarians (if that’s not a word, well it is now! It means those who play Terraria regularly enough to identify as one of the community. And because I put that in italics, it therefore needs to be taken seriously) will go on about building something other than the conventional “box” the NOOBS build to start.

Instead, I’ve built a “bunker” of sorts. Nothing fancy, simply a square of wood with a door in one end, and a two-hole space in the other. The idea is that when nightfall hits, instead of rushing away from the zombies, I can fire at them from afar, kill those motherfuckers before they can get to me.

The only chink in that well-laid out plan is that for a night to end well, I need to have around three hundred flame arrows (less if I use the mini-slime from my Slime Staff.

Can you say profit? I doubt it warrants it, but it’s sure fun.

Another great point is, unlike the vanilla softcore version, making money is primordial to the experience. Every chance I get to net rabbits, squirrels, birds, crickets, I take it. They just end up as more gold in the chest. More gold equals more power.

Plus, it makes sense to upgrade your armor in progression. Starting off with wood, we turn to tin, then lead, etc. I would never do that in softcore.

Sickle? Why would anyone in their right mind buy that? If I’m looking for cheap material to build houses with minimal effort (like digging) then everytime I swing the Sicle at a flower, or grass, I get hay. Perfect for building, and in abundance.

I find that I don’t give a fuck about how the place looks, more for function. I’ll concentrate on getting better gear for the characters first, then worry about looks.

After all, it’s function that will get me ahead. Not nice looks.

These are all things I think of when running a hardcore character. For me, it makes the game more fun.

I experimented with actually using the weaponry I’ve found, such as the throwing knives, shurikens. Turns out that with some creatures, snowballs are amazing. (Plus, they are the cheapest weapon aside from the seeds you get with the blowpipe, and I don’t think they suck as hard.)

I’d like to find a snowball cannon, as it is a decent weapon early game.

Other things I plan to accomplish :

  • Set up an arena for the eventual coming of the Slime King – with the new vine rope thing. Kill that motherfucker!
  • Put a sunflower at every interval
  • Put campfire at every interval
  • Flatten out the ground
  • replant the entire forest
  • Capture as many creatures to sell
  • Build up base of money

Why do all this? Why not? Good practice for mitigating risks.

The next question, if I were to stream this, would anyone care? Why should I care if they care? Who knows.

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