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I’m Turning My Early ’40s, My Car’s Broken, and I SUCK at Mexican Train!

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It’s me birthday today!

So, I’m at work, and I got a text saying that my son fell (he was at school) and needed to be picked up. We’re talking 15h06 — that’s the perfect time for traffic these days. Here’s the other thing — driving in freezing rain conditions.

I didn’t think much of the grinding noise I heard in Stop/Go traffic (because I was listening to a good rock tune on CHOM 97.7) but car managed to get into gear, the check engine light went out.

It bothered me enough to turn the radio off, and I had to fight to get it to go. All this whilst looking in the rearview mirror, and a semi truck barrelling down. I quickly flicked the triangle button for the flashers, and drove with the hazards on for a while. It seemed okay, as long as I wasn’t stuck in traffic too much.

Of course that meant that every fucking stop light was out. 4-way stops on major roadways? We’re talking disaster! I noticed that my stick shift would pop out of first when I’d take off, but I didn’t think that I was in danger of locking the car up.

It wasn’t until I got around one kilometer from my house that I heard the grinding again, only this time, the car seemed to move downward, then dry hump (I know that’s not an apt description) the ground, then died. (That’s the best I can muster when I’m thinking about it, because it happened really fast)  

I could start the car, rev the engine, but nothing else would make the car move. The front tires were locked in place.

Looks like I have to start thinking about preventative maintenance. This article suggests both I should do the maintenance, but also not as the dealer recommends, rather what the manual recommends.

She ain’t moving! R.I.P. Matrix!

So, later on I got in a good game of dominos.

We got to see the multiple doubles rule:

Damn this rule SUCKS! Ha ha ha! J.S.
Shit! Only two one’s left in the boneyard too!

The ONE game I won, here’s how I got rid of four tiles in one shot to win. My wife was so impressed. She stopped talking to me about it, so I had to guess that was why.

Anyway, here’s how I won:

She opened mexican train with an 11/4 tile. So, I put double 4 down, then satisfied it with a 4/9 tile. Okay, so far so good. Then, because it’s still my turn, I played with double 9, which then I had to satisfy with my final tile — a 9/0.

I don’t have proof, because she refused to let me take a picture. I think she said something about gloating.

Just kidding of course. I respect my wife more than that. After all, she beat my pants off. I’ll have to learn some strategy in the near future:

Of course I was gloating.

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