Seriously? MAGA Expert Says What Hitler Did Was ‘Fine’, and WTF J.T.?

Here’s what I’m arguing about:

I never thought I’d see it. But, there it is. Nazis? Fuck them. They’re no better than anyone else, and that’s exactly why I think they lost.

It was a losing gamble, really. They’re not better, so they lose.

Entoucas. (French for “anyway.”)

The political fight between Scheer and Trudeau is turning out — well, let’s just say that somehow Trudeau had to answer back about Scheer’s little dare. He said that he had the decision given to him by the vote of confidence paper to make the ultimate decision on whether to kick the two caucus members out, but the caucus would vote them out anyway.

I like this line of thought, because it’s backhandedly telling Scheer that while he could try to get the decision reversed, he would still lose out because the caucus would just vote the same way.

Nicely done.

Then he allows a handy little “government funding” of twelve million, that they just had laying around.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Jesus, J.T.!

Read the fucking room!

Now isn’t a good time there.

Now I’m off to play a little Terraria, and go to bed.

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