Wow! 2019 a Year in Review with Goals for 2020

Remember when I said Fuck New Year’s Eve Resolutions? Is it irony that I have let this place languish? If you know me, you’d think–probably not.

Looking over the past year, I admit it was a year wherein terms of goals, I got nothing done. None concretely set, a few haphazardly achieved. That includes this site here. 

Yes, I have kept my web hosting account up to date, but it begs the question, what’s the point if I am not going to post anything? Thing is, I still think it is important to keep some form of presence, otherwise, how would anyone know the “real” me?

I won’t bore you with why I haven’t posted here (and nothing irks me more than the obligatory post explaining away the lack of attention, as if it’s owed or something.) Instead, I’ll take responsibility, and look to the future. What needs to happen then? I must change my focus, and reset the expectation of how often I post, and what I am going to post.

I have always wanted to be a writer, but it seems that it requires you to clear your agenda, sit your ass down in the seat, and fucking write. My friends say I have a “Squirrel Problem.” I start on something, see something else that diverts my attention, and I’m off the rails.

I am not going to be able to produce quality written content daily. That kind of pressure slips from my fingers like a wet bar of soap in the men’s locker room shower. It’s a scary thought looking towards that blank screen, with the connotation that I will need to produce something if anything. Point is, would someone read it? Who knows?

I have all sorts of written work in Google Docs/Sheets, Evernote, Notes, etc format, but why nothing makes it to here is something I will need to examine. I produce some kind of content daily, but mostly it’s through my gaming on Twitch, which has nothing to do with what I have put on here.

Also, is it just recipes and food-related items here? I am not so sure that I want to only be known for that. In the end, I think that people would come to this page to see what I am up to, shoot the shit, and perhaps get something or other from what I am currently doing. Would that be a recipe? Sure, I have no problem with that.

Am I looking for a book deal? As if. Well, maybe, but looking at what blogging and food-related websites have been up to for the last ten years is somewhat discouraging. Do I want to sell out to get a few bucks (or a sweet casserole dish?) Not really. I don’t want anyone to feel pressured about having to enter a giveaway, tweet out their heart’s content, follow me on Facebook, do the Hokey-Pokey, turn themselves around, all to be “entered” into something that is…not worth the time?

Plus, sanitizing myself to be presentable was never my thing. I am who I am, I will tone it down from time to time, but why else would you want to come and see what I am up to unless it’s the real me? I believe in being myself, and if that pisses people off, then so be it, at least they will know it is the real me.

Going forward, I expect that instead of making the fuss to always post, a weekly posting on Sunday should suffice. Will it be a recipe, or just a rant and rave? I think, for now, it’s best to leave it at I’d like to post at least once a week, and we will see where it goes from there.

So, looking back over the year, I didn’t complete my goals, therefore I didn’t lose out. I guess that’s one way to win… This year will be different, but broader. 

I will lose a healthy amount of weight by my medical appointment in April

I commit to posting more often here–what I post is to be determined.

I commit to creating streaming content regularly where the focus will be the gameplay, but the commentary of various issues of the day. You can find my channel on Twitch for live-streaming, or on YouTube later.

I commit to learning about different methods and traditions regarding foods, and exploring why we do the traditions we do.

I commit to spending more time with my family.

I commit to fixing my house up, starting with the basement in the winter, and culminating with the yard in the summer.

All of these commitments are general, and in the next few weeks, I will take a look at how I am going to implement them, using the next step methodology. 

What about you? Have you any goals you’d like to set? What would you like to get accomplished this year? Hit me in the comments below!

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