Making an OBS Overlay is Harder Than I Thought

How hard can making an OBS overlay be? I stream with StreamLabs OBS (forthwith known as the ever cute moniker of “SLOBS”) and honestly, I haven’t done more than just slap a mic over the gameplay footage, and rolled with it. If I plan to get serious on streaming, then I need to learn how to make an overlay. 
I have to say that the amount of ideas, tutorials, etc. out there make for a good start, if there weren’t so many. How the fuck does one know which to pick? I must have spent at least thirty minutes looking at all different versions, bells and whistles (most of which I have no idea how to use yet.) Finally I made a decision to take the first one that looked coherent, do the tutorial, and see if I could replicate it. My hope was that I will finally have something that I can build on. 
Every single tutorial I found out there about making an overlay were all in Photoshop. While I am no beginner with Photoshop, all I had was GIMP. Unless I wanted to dispense some cash, it would have to do. After a couple hours of mucking around, all I could think was, “JUST FUCKING GET PHOTOSHOP!” Could I justify the cost? I am already out a lot of money for this hobby, so adding another fifteen(ish) dollars (PER MONTH!) wasn’t an option, especially after having to replace my fridge and stove.
Thing is, after fucking around for a few hours, my heart just wasn’t into (tearing what’s left of my hair out) figuring out GIMP, and seeing as how I already know a lot about Photoshop, I just said fuck it, and dropped the cash for a subscription. 
After a fruitless day, (did I actually think I’d get it accomplished? LOL) Off I went to stream. I’ll do the overlay later, after seeing other streams, and figuring out what I want to do. (That’s what I always say, right?)
Current progress: 
Current progress

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