Bread Ain’t My Bitch Day 03: The Next Step

See the recap for the previous day(s). Okay, so I couldn’t wait the full seventy-two hours. (Three days.) I checked around the sixty-six hour mark. This is what I was presented with:

Picture of day three activity.
Look, there seems to be some action here.

It looked like a good sign. See those bubbles there? I thought they meant there was some activity. This is what it looked like from the side:

Picture of side day three activity
The water had sunk to around the middle, and there are bubbles indicating activity.

Of course, I wasn’t sure about myself here, because I had never done this before. I have this penchant for fucking things up, so I get nervous when faced with new challenges like this. I have taught myself over these last years to overcome this obstacle by just facing it directly. In the end, what do I really have to lose, but a six dollar investment?

Naturally my next move was to post the question to the Perfect Sourdough Facebook group. I was surprised to have so much interaction with a Facebook post, but the consensus directed me to my next step, throw away a huge portion of your starter, and re-feed.

Hey, that’s a hard sell for me too. It’s a couple handfuls of flour, gone to the compost. I suppose there are recipes out there that use the stuff, maybe I’ll look into it. Maybe not. For right now, my main concern is getting the ferment going.

Imagine, I threw most of my starter away in front of my wife!
Mix with your hands, massage those flour pellicules into the mixture.
This is a bit too thin for me.
So I added a little more flour, and massaged it in.
This is the consistency I liked. Like a between a thick pancake and thin waffle batter. I swear that it’s a thing.

I’m not going to lie, those photos suck.

Nothing left to do but put Anna back to bed to digest her lovely meal. I’ll check back tomorrow. So far the effort has been minimal–just have to remember to pay attention to the starter.

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