Bread Ain’t My Bitch Day 06: Perhaps We’re on the Right Track

I decided to get back into making sourdough following the excellent Tartine book, and we are already almost a week into my sourdough experience You can catch my progress from Day 01 to 03, Day 03, Day 4&5.

I’ve been contemplating moving my refeed time to when I get home from work. The problem comes when thinking of the weekend. (I finish later then.)

Today when I visited Anna, here’s what she looked like:

Remember the old days when you had to watch porn through the scrambled channel, and it flashed for a couple seconds to give you that clear shot? Okay, so now there’s some action! Bread action, but whatevs.

The first thing when I opened the door to the pantry, I was hit with a yeasty must when you open the spice door. Something was going well.

Lovely. Too bad 80% is about to get pitched.

I removed 80% again.

Today’s Mise for the feeding stage…

I repeated the same steps as yesterday. I’ll start feeding Anna a bit earlier tomorrow, this way I will be able to see if there is any activity. (17h30 perhaps.)

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