Ball fido jar of dead starter

I have to give up on Sourdough, for now…

Okay, so here is where I stand with my starter after two months of struggling with it…


This last attempt was with rye flour, and in the beginning I had a bunch of activity, but by the third feeding it looked dead. I have tried for a month now, and I have nothing to show for it.

What’s going on? Why the hell am I having such a problem with this shit? I’ve thought it over, and there are a few things right now that are going against me here:

  • Temperature. I can’t keep a consistent 23-24°C in the area, more like 19°C. I think this is causing a retard in the process.
  • Interest. I’m after two months here, and not one loaf. That fucking sucks. My wife is openly mocking my starter.
  • I’d like to move onto something else. Don’t really need to elaborate, let’s cook something else.
  • I would like to teach you. Until I learn how to do this, I can’t.

So, it’s time to pack the starter away for the winter, and take a look at it when the temp is consistently above 21°C. Perhaps the process will be easier then.

Let’s go cook something else!

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