Current Projects On the Go:

You may have seen that I haven’t posted anything over the last week. (Because I AM the center of the universe, right?) I have a good clip of drafts, but nothing jumped out at me as ready, most are in various stages of incompleteness. I am also working on my Excel skills to sharpen the tools we use at work, AND trying to manage a Discord D&D Campaign.

If the latter were me gaming face to face, it would be as if I were lugging boxes full of unorganized notes to the table. The story is becoming hard to understand (all of the threads as it were.) So, my ADD brain has decided to hyperfocus on that–cleaning up the story on the Discord side so it is easier to keep track of.

This is why I haven’t had anything for this week so far, and as soon as I get the story (and all the NPC links, places, etc) then I will be back here. It will be WAY easier to post what happened in the game that way. (I have also settled into a voice with the campaign log.)

I almost forgot…

HAPPY MANIA WEEKEND! For those who know…

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