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Banana Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins

a beautiful photo of a banana chocolate chunk muffin
What’s Jason’s super-secret recipe today?

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Who Reads This?

Home made hamburgers with lettuce and cheese
What’s Jason Yapping About?: I’ve been digging in the back end of this site, and there’s a lot here. I am still around, still active in the community, just have neglected to write here.

If you are a person who wants to know HOW to cook, and WHY we do it this way in the culinary field, this blog is for you.

See what’s up inside!


A Look Back At the Year 2015

Happy New Year

I was thinking about the year past, and how I was going to audit it. (I heard a great podcast over at ProBlogger on auditing the past year… check it out if you like.)

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How Does a Chef Come Up With A Signature Soup Anyway?

Carrot and ginger soup is a classic combination, made from a purée of carrots thickened with potatoes. While there is nothing wrong with a classic, by experimenting with different flavor profiles, you can end up with a combination that could end up as a signature dish.

This soup came about that way, and today I am going to show you the thought process behind it.
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Merry Christmas


A quick note for all of you. Have a merry Christmas, and I hope that all your food is great!



Happy Holidays Week

A real healthy Breakfast

A quick notice for you all here… climbing into my kitchen to get ready for family and friends for this holiday season. That’s cookies, homemade tortellini in brodo, more baking, cleaning, and what’s important, visiting family.

From me and my family, we wish you a very merry holidays and all the best in happiness and health to you all.

See you in a week!

Your turn

What are you up to this week? Let me know in the comments below.


Still working through the fantastic book, Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Memoir, Recipes, and More by Dianne Jacob. Today we are continuing to talk about chapter 6.

This chapter is about writing food reviews.

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$1000 To Blow – What Dream Kitchen Equipment Would You Buy?

What if you had a $1000 to spend at Amazon?

Mobile phone surfing can be bad for the pocketbook for sure. I found myself scrolling through my Amazon Canada app on my Note 4, dreaming about what I would get. (My wife would say I probably have way too many kitchen thingies to begin with, but we’re shushing her right now.)

Let’s have some fun with this.

Nothing But Stainless

$1000 – oh, the choices!


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Honoring Babbi: How To Make Her Vanilla Crescent Cookies

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This year we lost a wonderful woman

My wife’s Babbi died this year at the young age of 96 years. It wasn’t an unexpected passing, but these things are never easy, especially when you have a woman of stout character like our beloved Babbi. So, when I received an email to take part in a blog cookie swap, I knew that Babbi would approve. That is if I followed her way of making these cookies.

I’ll get to why that was important to her, but first let me sell you on why these cookies meant so much to me.

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Start your morning off right

Why wait for insipid coffee and a breakfast sandwich gut-bomb to start your day off? What if I told you that after today, you’ll know how to make a perfectly fine breakfast sandwich ready by the time you finish making your coffee?

I know, you don’t have time!

I used to think the same thing. In fact, I’ll be honest – I kind of looked forward to it. The prospect of paying six dollars for the convenience is a little much, but the satisfaction of opening the wrapper and laying into the pillowy soft biscuit, the just-molten American-style cheese. It’s hard to beat.

Thing is, looking at it from a chef’s point of view, you notice that making this sandwich is nothing more than an exercise in Mise en Place. [LINK?] I watched the other day, and here is how it breaks down when an order is taken to when it arrives in my mouth:

  1. Order taken, presumably correct.
  2. Cook punches the button for the KDS to say they have started the order.
  3. Toaster person looks at the KDS, cuts and toasts the requisite bun.
  4. Once the bun is toasted, slathers margarine on both sides of the bun.
  5. Opens warming containers to grab egg, and sausage.
  6. Places sausage on bottom of the bun.
  7. Places egg on top of sausage.
  8. Places a slice of cheese on top of the egg
  9. Places biscuit lid on top of the cheese.
  10. Puts the bun in the wrapper and fold it up, ready to go.
  11. Cook punches the button for the KDS to “sell” the item, then hands it to me.

Another person takes care of the coffee.

So, all of this is nothing more than a series of steps, with items that are already cooked and held in the warmer.

So, let’s say that you made your own coffee at home. Could you do make this sandwich in the time it takes you to make your coffee? Could you make it healthier than the gut bomb that you get from Tim Horton’s? How about getting a little color and vegetable in there?


Presenting… The breakfast sandwich you can make while you are waiting for your coffee to brew. I challenge you… make your coffee at home, and make this at the same time. Hell, you could even make it ahead of time and nuke it, if that were the problem. Better yet, it tastes better, and won’t break the bank.

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