Honeymoon 2023

Back from a cool vacation twenty years in the making. There are so many things to recount, so I figured I would start off with this post. First though, let me explain why, if you would indulge me.

If you want to build something like a functioning website that one day brings you bread, maybe it is a good idea to USE that website. At least, that is what I gather from those who have succeeded at turning their investment into an income stream. I want to be clear, I would LOVE to make money off this site. It is fear that keeps me from contributing to this site.

Fear? Of what?

I am good at a lot of what I do. I don’t believe it. The only way to have content is to create it. So, I will write about what I know, and my honeymoon is fresh in my mind.

Cheers, and à bientôt!

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